crochet Bavarian Blanket

Yes we know that we have many patterns for the blankets and of course a lot of beautiful designs, but we want to get for your another and more awesome designs with free tutorials. Today we have found for you bavarian blanket to crochet with free tutorial. Look at these pictures how beautiful is this […]

Crochet Vortex Blanket

You will need an intermediate skill level to croche this blanket and the pattern of course which one we have found for free. This Vortex blanket looks awesome and creative. If you love this color you can crochet exactly the same blanket. If you think you have enough time, experience, and supplies this will be […]

Crochet Granny Hexagon Blanket

You need 100 skeins = 18013.7 meters (19700.0 yards), 2500 grams to crochet perfect granny hexagon blanket that you can see on these pictures. We know that you love making beautiful things and also blankets. Blankets are very comfortable and beautiful especially when it’s made with your hands. We have as usual a free pattern […]

Knit Braided Celtic Knot Scarf

We do not often have knitting patterns here on our website but we are trying to find the most beautiful designs and free tutorials and patterns for you. Today we have braided Celtic knot scarf for you that you can see on these pictures. Just look how beautiful is this scarf and imagine how it […]

Crochet Mood Blanket

Mood blanket is crocheted with granny squares which ones are in different colors. If you want to learn how to crochet mood blanket we have a free pattern for you in which you can learn how to crochet necessary granny squares and how to join them together to make a very attractive mood blanket. We […]

Knit Dimple Blanket

Here we have a very beautiful blanket for you to knit and make your home interior more exciting and beautiful. We think you will love this blanket with just one look. If you have some free time and necessary supplies you can start crocheting now. This Dimple Blanket looks very beautiful in this color but […]

Crochet Spiral Flowers Blanket

Here we have another beautiful blanket found for you with the free pattern which one is clearly explained and in which you can learn everything step by step. The tutorial is free for all and you have a chance to make your bed more beautiful and comfortable. Thanks to the author for the awesome design […]