8 Petal Flower | Video

Flowers Flowers Flower. Flower is the one of the most beautiful creation on the earth and women love them. Today at pretty-ideas.com we have another great video tutorial for pretty 8 petal flower. We hope you have never seen flower beautiful like this. With this eight petal flower you can renew your old sweaters hats […]

Lace Heart – Video Tutorial

Have you ever seen beautiful and creative lace like this. This lace heart is very enjoyable to crochet and look brilliant. As usual we have video tutorial for this pretty creation where everything is explained clearly. This lace heart may make your blankets more attractive and beautiful. This lovely lace you can also just hand […]

Spiral Flower With Beads

We all love different flowers and crocheting many for decorate our blankets, sweaters and etc. In crocheted flower we also like when it with beads. Beads make our creations more attractive and beautiful. Today we have for you another Clearly explained tutorial where you can learn step by step how to crochet pretty Spiral Flower […]

Crochet Flower Of Squares

Another beautiful flower for your collection and it’s name Flower Of Squares. You can see on these pictures how beautiful it is in this colors, but you can improvise and choose another colors. It will be make more attractive and pretty your clothing and accessories for winter, also blankets. You can refashion your old clothing […]

Crochet Another Pretty Edging

Another beautiful and awesome Edging for your blankets and other projects we got here. Also we have Video tutorial where you can learn everything step by step. We can’t say that it’s easy to crochet, but if you have some experience in crochet you will make it easily. Imagine how beautiful will be your blankets, […]

10 Petal Flower + Video

3 D 10 Petal flower is on the most beautiful crocheted flower as you can see on these pictures. We have Video tutorial For This lovely creation by humans hands and with our hobby crochet. If you have red all our posts about flowers and have watched video tutorial you will collection now, but this […]

Crochet Two-side 3D Flower

Flower flowers flower. Today at pretty-ideas.com we have tutorial where you can learn once again flower, But this flower is one the most beautiful. It’s also 3D and Two-sided, so when you will finish crocheting this flower you will be excited and very happy. It will be very enjoyable crocheting 3D two-sided flower also, so […]

Crochet Flat Star Flower

Let’s Make another beautiful flower for our crocheted flower’s collection and decorate with another lovely creation our home. Today we have Video tutorial for Flat Star Flower. Look at pictures and you will see with your own eyes how pretty it is. We can see that flower looks good in blue and in yellow, but […]

Oval Rug – Video Tutorial

Every woman thinks how to decorate her home interior and made many thing with itself. Another beautiful thing we have here today for you. It’s oval rug that you can see on these pictures. In video tutorial explained how to crochet exactly that oval rug that you can see on the picture, so if you […]