Ring Bullion Stitch Flower

Another beautiful and awesome Embroidered Flower with Bullion Stitch. Great idea and fantastic work author has done. In the free video tutorial you can lean how to make same Picture with yarn. Colors you can choose different and turn on your fantasy. Good luck and thanks to author for everything. if you will start now […]

Peacock in Flower Embroidery

Another Most beautiful creation with hand embroidery we have today for you with free and clearly explained video tutorial. Great job has author made and we want to say thank you. Just look at these perfections Peacock in Flowers. This Handmade art will make your clothes, accessories and whole house more attractive and pretty. Thank […]

Hand Embroidery Flower Tutorial

It’s our first post about another beautiful and very enjoyable Craft. It’s very impressive art as you can see. We have for you awesome flowers and video tutorial for beginners. If you want to learn how to embroidery or you know how to and just like the flowers this post is perfect for you. Thanks […]