Knit Simple Slippers with Knitted Tape

Here we have another very beautiful design for simple slippers which ones you can knit in several minutes. If you have some free time make another awesome gift for yourself or for the people you love. Just look at these simple but beautiful slippers and imagine how comfortable will be every day if you will […]

Knit Simple Square Slippers

Another very beautiful design to knit and make other awesome slippers for home. Everyone needs to look beautiful and also feel comfortable at home, so you have a chance to learn how to knit simple square slippers and have another one in your collection. We hope you will understand everything easily because we have for […]

Knit Baby Booties

Here we have for you very beautiful and cute baby booties which ones you can knit with your crafty hands and enjoy your day. As usual, we have for free video tutorial where you can learn everything steps by step that you need to know to get perfect results and be happy. Just imagine how […]

Knit Roly-Poly Stitch

When you have a huge experience you’re getting more satisfaction. Today we want to show you how to knit Roly-poly stitch with which you can make an awesome staff. We hope you will love stitch and have some free time to sit and start learning now. It will be great also for beginners. We know […]

Knit Easy Hearts Slippers

Just look at these beautiful slippers how warm and cozy they are. Here today you have the opportunity to learn hearts slippers, beautiful and comfortable ones. Hearts slippers because there is a chain of hearts on these slippers like the Celtic ornament. You can get perfect results if you will follow the hands of the […]

Knit Simple Line Slippers

If you want to make beautiful slippers which will make your everyday life more comfortable we have perfect ones for you. You need to know how to get the results you want and for that we have or your video tutorial where you will learn everything that you need. You can also make your own […]

Knit Simple Swirled Slippers

Hello dear knitters. We have for you another very beautiful and simple slippers for you which ones you can knit with your crafty and magic hands. Just look at these simple swirled slippers and imagine how beautiful will they look a\on your feet. These slippers are also great for beginners because everyone can get perfect […]