Tutorial For Pretty Skirt

Christmas is in the past, but now is coming Valentine’s day and women’s need to prepare. We need to go shopping and buy different pretty clothing and accessories, But we can also sew it with our hands. We have searched many tutorials and have made many post where you can learn how to sew for […]

60+ Free Vintage Patterns

See what we have found for you. It’s a Good gift for every woman who loves sewing. In this post you can find many beautiful, creative and useful clothing designs. In this post there are clearly explained pattern for dresses, blouses, just a tops and etc. and if you like vintage design it’s real paradise […]

Collar Tutorial

Here we have tutorial for Collar from great website. If you have blouse or dress or anything else and don’t know which collar you want to sew this one will be perfect. Look at the pictures and you will see how perfect is design for this collar and how beautiful it will be on classic […]

Easy To Sew Blouse

Easy To Sew Blouse, the Title Says everything. It’s really very easy to sew and it’s Very comfortable and breezy. Take material with the design you like most or have and if you have several minutes you can sew for you or for you family members and friends beautiful blouse that you can see on […]

Sew Cross Back top

Today at pretty-ideas.com we have another great tutorial with pictures for you where you can learn how to make easily Cross Back top. It’s very simple, but also very comfortable and will be perfect in summer hot days. You need just material and few things to start sewing beautiful top like this. Author is great, […]