Crochet Blanket From Round Motifs

Here we have for you today blanket with squares which one is very enjoyable to crochet. Look at the pictures and imagine how beautiful will be it look on your bed. With little squares you can crochet blanket in any size and in any colors. You just need to crochet little squares and than engage them.

We as always we have for you Free video tutorial. Video tutorials is in Spanish, but if you donít know Spanish you can use Subtitles in any language. You can easily understand everything, because author has great hand technique. Make your own blanket with your favorite colors. You can make with your family members and friends and crochet many little squares together.

If your walls in bedroom is white you can crochet these blanket in any colors even in rainbow colors. If there is brown walls you can crochet in white and black and etc. Make sure you have lot of free time, because as we have said itís very enjoyable work and time will fly away. Good luck and thanks to author again.


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