Crochet Fedora Hat (Video+Pattern)

Fedora Hat

Crochet Fedora Hat

Well today at we want to show you how to crochet Fedora hat. This beautiful and amazing hat will also cover your ears and so that’s why this hat is useful too. We have searched for you Pattern and video tutorial to crochet easily and perfect one. You can choose any color and make as you like of course, because it will be your hat and we hope this hat will become your favorite one. Fedora Hat can be made with Beaver, Rabbit, Cashmere or Wool. Let Animals Live with their life and crochet this hat with Wool yarn. Fedora Hat is very attractive and will be in many situations and at any dress code.

Pattern and author

Thanks to author LThingies for free pattern. Enjoy and make present for you or for your close people. Good Luck.

Link for video and pattern
thanks to author

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