Crochet Triangle Shaped Granny Square Blanket

Staying home and you are bored. It’s important to stay home for us and our lovely peoples’ health, but we need something to do to not be bored. It’s really important to have supplies and go outside rarely. We also need yarn for our next projects which one will make our homes more beautiful and comfortable to stay. Look at the picture, how beautiful blanket we have found for you today. We can’t find a pattern for these blanket, but we have an idea how to crochet this awesome blanket. This is the way how you can crochet this awesome Triangle shaped granny square blanket.

Measure how big you want to be this blanket and crochet granny squares. You will learn how to crochet triangle-shaped granny squares and how to join them in the tutorial we have for you. Count how many squares you need and in which colours you want. Good luck and we hope you will find out easily. good luck

You can watch tutorials here

With this tutorial, you can learn how to crochet Triangle shaped granny squares

With this tutorial, you can learn how to join granny squares.