Knit Lucky Shawl


Today we have for you another great shawl design from Frankie Brown. Frankie Brown is very kind person who have fond for children with liver disease and we asking for you, if you like and enjoy the pattern and designs from Frankie Brown Please GO on this Link and help children who have liver disease, Thank you. Now talk about this lovely, colorful and useful shawl. The name of this shawl is “Lucky shawl”, we don’t know why, but we hope this shawl will be lucky for you. What to say about luck, but we know that warm and beautiful shawl will be useful and perfect in cold weather. Comfortable and creative design will make your day enjoyable and happy. Choose any color and make great gift for yourself. Please enjoy and don’t forget to help children with liver disease.

Click Here For Lucky Shawl’s Pattern

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