Crochet Square Saddle Bag

Who wants a new and beautiful accessory which one is also very useful. Look at these pretty saddlebags. The Square saddle bag can make your look more attractive and cute in any situation. We know that you have a collection of accessories that you have crocheted with us. We think this tiny bag will be […]

Crochet Moroccan-style Slippers

It’s time to crochet something unforgettable and the thing which one will make our everyday life more comfortable and enjoyable. Just look at these simple, but very pretty slippers which one is Moroccan style. Of course and as usual we have for you written pattern where you can learn how to crochet Moroccan style slippers. […]

Crochet Go To Shawl

Here we have today for you beautiful and elegant shawl to crochet with your hands and we hope you will love and make a new item for your  accessories collection. Go to shawl is very beautiful and will make your look in any situation more attractive. We have for you written pattern in English and […]

Crochet Cactus Garden Blanket

Hello dear crocheters. We have for you another eye catching blanket which one you can crochet with your crafty hands. Just look at these colors and structure of blanket. This Cactus Garden Blanket will make your interior in any room very beautiful and attractive. If you have some free time to start another awesome project […]

Crochet Little Bow Baby Shoes

Cute baby shoes we have again for you. We can’t dismiss the cute design which one you can see on these pictures. Of course we have video lesson for you where you can learn everything. Just imagine how cute will be your baby angel in these Little bow shoes. Thanks to author for great job, […]

Crochet 3 Minute Hair Ties

We Have today for you beautiful and very useful hair ties to crochet. look at these lovely things you can crochet them in any colors and with any yarn you want. You can also sell your work and make other people happy also. We have for you free lesson where you can learn everything step […]

Crochet Cute Puff Sandals

You need a new sandals for your baby and don’t know which one to crochet? We have for you very beautiful and cute design for sandals in puff stitch. We have of course video tutorial and you will crochet without problems. You can change color of course and also add some appliques if you want. […]

Crochet Iris Baby Shoes

If you are following our posts and making projects you may have collection of baby shoes, but we must make another post about it. Look at these pictures and you will understand why we must share with you another design. Design with video lesson where you can just follow the hands and hook of author […]

Crochet Battenberg Blanket

Who wants to make own everyday life more beautiful and enjoyable at home. There is no comfort enough we also need beauty and if we can make beautiful things with our hands why not. Look at this awesome blanket with tiny squares crocheted in different colors. This blanket will make your home interior more attractive […]