Crochet Pizza Sweaters

Very popular project nowadays in social media. Everyone likes and shares this creative idea and cute pictures. Cute baby and father with pizza pieces on sweaters are really creative and adorable. We think many women want to crochet this kind of sweater for her husband and baby or for friends and decide to make this post for you. Here we have pattern by Jessica found for this project but it’s not free and we can’t say thank you to Jessica for the free pattern. But we have an idea of how you can crocheting this sweater without a paid pattern. We have for you free pattern of the sweater and free pattern for pizza pieces, so you can start crocheting now and make an awesome gift for you lovely people and make them happy. We hope our idea will be useful for you. Thanks to authors for patterns and thanks to Jessica for picture and idea.

Here you can find the paid pattern by Jessica

Pattern here

Here you can find patterns for sweater and pizza slices

Patterns here: Pizza, Sweater