Crochet Star Stitch Tulip Slippers

Most important is comfort when you are going home after tough work or just done with your home works and want to Relax. For the comfort you need cozy and comfortable items. If you have some crochet skills you know that you can make many useful things with your crafty hands. You just need some good ideas. So we are here for that and of course have another awesome project for you with free Tutorial.

Star Stitch Tulip Slippers

As you can see on these pictures today we have for you free video tutorial for Star Stitch Tulip Slippers. Very beautiful and also very comfortable. Just look at these little tulips on the slippers and you will love it. Thanks to author for chance that she gave us to crochet and be owner of these Tulip Slippers. With this video tutorial you can Crochet everything easily. Just follow the hands of author. Thanks gain to her and hope you will understand everything on first try. Good luck

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