Crystal Trees Poncho


We have great collection of the patterns in which you can learn step by step how to knit different ponchos and they all are very attractive an beautiful. Today at we have found and want to share with you how to knit Poncho with crystal trees. This poncho will be your favorite because of it’s pretty and lovely design. On these pictures there are crystal tree ponchos in two colors black and blue, but you can feel free to make your poncho in other colors like yellow or white and etc. because we think that this poncho will look great in any other colors. Please Enjoy because author Carol Price has explained in her pattern everything clearly for you.

Author’s Description: “Oops, On round 7, it should read: Round 7: K6, yo, sk2p,yo, k6. Repeat from to end.”

Click Here For Crystal Trees Poncho’s Pattern

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