Dress From Men’s Shirt

Hello to creative people we have found something amazing for you today. Today at pretty-ideas.com we have searched for you and want to teach you how to create dress from men’s shirt. The tutorial we have found for you is not difficult and if you have big size men’s shirt you can start making your […]

Holly Jolly Slippers

For Slippers lovers we have found great Pattern. In this pattern everything are explained step by step and clearly, thanks for that to author. Today at pretty-ideas.com we decide to share with you how to knit  lovely and beautiful Holly Jolly Slippers. We hope you will love these slippers, because as you can see on […]

Crochet Owl Bag

Hello again to Owl lovers we have great post here for you. For you at pretty-ideas.com we have found and want to show you how to crochet Owl bag with crocodile stitches. This handbag is very lovely as you can see on these pictures. It’s tiny, but very capacious. Our advise is that if you […]

Crochet Owl Scarf

Hello To Owl lovers we have great pattern to you. If you love owls and your hobby is Crocheting and need warm scarf in frosty winter this pattern is for you. In this pattern everything are explained clearly by author and thanks to Aimee Cunningham for that. You can choose any color you want, because […]

Crochet Hi-Top Slippers

In winter we need warm clothing, footwear and accessories to feel cozy, comfortable and protect ourselves and family members from cold. So that’s why we trying to find for you some free patterns and help you to learn crochet useful and beautiful clothing and other items.Today at pretty-ideas.com we have searched and want to share […]