Rapunzel Scarf

We almost all cartoon have seen or know the story about Rapunzel. Rapunzel’s hair was very large and our scarf we want to share with you is also very long and beautiful. We have also searched for you the pattern for this scarf where everything explained step by step by author and thanks for that. […]

Crochet Granny Shrug

One of the most comfortable and warm outwear is shrug and one the most beautiful is granny shrug so today at pretty-ideas.com we have searched for you pattern for the granny shrug that you can see on these pictures. On these pictures you can also see that these shrugs are in purple and in white […]

Knit Dappled Silhouette

It’s time to wear elegant and for that we need elegant and attractive clothing and if your hobby is knitting we have great pattern for your. In this pattern you will learn how to knit dappled silhouette. With this pullover you will look great in many situations and be in center of attention. This pullover […]

Heart To Heart Scarf

Most comfortable and cozy scarf is scarf with keyhole and today we have found for you the pattern of Heart To Heart scarf with keyhole. The lovely scarf is very comfortable to use and will look great in many situations on casual clothing or on classic. This scarf will make your look more attractive. In […]

Knit Weefsjaal

What we love in scarves, they must be warm and comfortable to use. We have found for you pattern for the perfect and beautiful scarf. In this scarf you will look great in many situation and it’s very easy to use. The name of this scarf is Weefsjaal. If you don’t like the colors that […]

Crochet Slippers

Warm and comfortable slippers are all that we need in cold weather. If the slippers are comfortable cozy and beautiful we think that slippers like that is perfect. Today we have found and want to show you how to crochet perfect slippers that are warm, comfortable and beautiful. On these pictures slippers are in light […]

Poncho In Stripes

We think that poncho is one of the most warm and comfortable clothing, so in this frosty winter that what we need. We found for you great design of poncho and want to show you how to knit. Colorful poncho that you can see on these pictures may become your favorite and you should try […]