Cherry Bomb Cardigan

Look what we have searched today for you knitting lovers. It’s Cardigan Which name is Cherry Bomb and it will be perfect for Spring and autumn. Comfortable and beautiful Cardigan will be very useful clothing for every woman and girl. You can see on these pictures two designs for Cherry Bomb cardigan you can choose […]

Knit Island Shawl

Hello Dear Knitters, look at these pretty shawl and if you want to have shawl like this we have good news to you. Good new is that we have free pattern for this shawl and thanks for that to author. There are many different variations in online shops, but they are not cheap. High Quality […]

Knit Bunny Booties

Hey look at these awesome and adorable Booties for your little angels. This fantastic design also have pattern and we have it for you By Drops Design of course for free. Imagine how cute will look your babies toes in these booties. Make changes if you want and make puppy’s or kitten’s face and etc. […]

Knit Strawberry Slippers

Another cute, comfortable and warm slippers we want to introduce today to you of course with clearly explained free pattern. Dear Knitters We everyday searching for you beautiful projects and of course useful too and we hope this pretty slippers will be useful for you, for you daughter, for your mother and etc. If you […]

Knit Slippers “walk in the clouds”

We cant’s say that these slippers will be useful at outdoors, boot we exactly know that these slippers will be perfect at home. The name “walking on the clouds” is also perfect for these slippers, because they are so comfortable and warm. Find some free time for knitting and we believe you will not regret […]

Knit Pixie & Foxy Hat

Let’s have some fun. We have searched for you pattern for two awesome, creative and very funny hat. It’s Pixie and Foxy hat. If you have some yarn and want to make your day enjoyable and happy and knit new funny hat for yourself  or for your children this might be the perfect patters for […]

Sheep Blanket

Sheep blanket is very creative and adorable as you can see. This pattern is paid unfortunately, but we hope author Jean Adel will make the pattern free in future. This Sheep blanket will make your interior happier and for kids it will be perfect. You can try different colors and keep knitting in colors which […]

Knit Rainbow Booties

Please wright in the comments if you ever have seen more beautiful and adorable booties for your little angels that these. Just look at the pictures and you will start searching for free time and necessary supplies to start knitting now. We think you must nor change the colors in one color, because this booties […]