Knit Moccasin Slippers

We all want to feel comfortable at home but we also want to look beautiful and attractive. We have found for you today very beautiful Moccasin slippers. Look at these pictures and imagine them on your feet. choose your favorite color and start knitting now if you have free time and necessary supplies. Thanks to […]

Knit Braided Celtic Knot Scarf

We do not often have knitting patterns here on our website but we are trying to find the most beautiful designs and free tutorials and patterns for you. Today we have braided Celtic knot scarf for you that you can see on these pictures. Just look how beautiful is this scarf and imagine how it […]

Knit Dimple Blanket

Here we have a very beautiful blanket for you to knit and make your home interior more exciting and beautiful. We think you will love this blanket with just one look. If you have some free time and necessary supplies you can start crocheting now. This Dimple Blanket looks very beautiful in this color but […]

Knit Octo Cowl

We have found for you amazing and creative cowl design because we know that you love knitting, you love to wear warm and you love to look creative and smart. Today at we have searched and want to show you how to knit beautiful and creative Octo cowl. In this pattern author, Silje Camelie […]

Knit Shawlette with Rose

Another beautiful shawlette for you from the author Tracey Whitney. As you can see from these pictures shawlette is very beautiful and also warm, so It’s perfect for fall and early winter. It’s looking great at Shirts and you will look attractive in many situations. Choose any colour and if you have some free time […]

Easy Slippers

Another easy slippers we have for you to make with free video instructions. thanks to author another awesome and creative creations. It’s winter and we want to feel warm and comfortable at home. So if you want to make your days more enjoyable and comfortable start working on these easy slippers. Good luck and we […]

Knit Yip Yips

Just Look what we have today for you to knit with free tutorial By Carissa Browning. Thanks to Carissa for awesome and creative ideas, design and for free Written pattern. We have Yip Yips for you to Crochet too and the pattern is free. It’s really unusual Creation and will make your home design beautiful […]

Mini Sweater For Christmas Tree

Just look what a cute ornament we have for you and for your Christmas tree today to Knit with free and clearly explained pattern By Martine Ellis. You will learn everything step by step that you need to know to knit these mini sweater ornament for your Christmas tree. We have many free tutorials found […]