Fair Lady Gloves

Gloves have many destination. Some gloves are very warm and we need them cold weather, some are fingerless and we need them to feel warm and also make our job comfortably, so some gloves are just to make our look more attractive and perfect. The gloves we want to show you today are for our […]

Crystal Trees Poncho

We have great collection of the patterns in which you can learn step by step how to knit different ponchos and they all are very attractive an beautiful. Today at pretty-ideas.com we have found and want to share with you how to knit Poncho with crystal trees. This poncho will be your favorite because of […]

Crochet Tank Top

There may be many designs of tops in internet and we all can found easily, but we think that we have searched for you one of the great design of tank top and it’s pattern where you will learn everything step bu step and you easily crochet this beautiful and attractive top. Winter is not […]

Knit Emergency Hat

Today we have searched great pattern from great human and if you will enjoy this pattern we want you to go on www.justgiving.com and give as much as you can to children with liver disease. They need our help today and now. Today we have searched pattern in which you will learn how to knit Emergency […]

Crochet Royal Crown

Today we have searched the pattern by Lotta Breyer where you can learn how to crochet beautiful and attractive royal crown. With this crown you can make great gift for the little princesses in your family and make them very happy. White color id perfect pattern for this crown because it’s shining like a diamond. […]

Knit Unilintu Shawl

Today at pretty-ideas.com we want to show you how to knit another beautiful shawl which name is Unilintu shawl. We will redirect you on great Blog page Unilintushawl.blogpost.fi where author has explained in the pattern everything step by step. So you can start knitting now, but first you must choose the color if you don’t […]

Circle Waistcoat

Today at pretty-ideas.com we have found for you great shrug and if you want we are ready to teach you how to crochet. This colorful circle waistcoat is also warm and you can wear in cold weather when you want to go for a walk of for shopping . This shawl is very comfortable and […]

Braided Hat

Today at pretty-ideas.com we want to show you how to knit creative and useful scarf for everyone. This braided scarf will keep warm your head and ears in winters frosty weather. Pink color look great , but we think that in other colors this hat will look better and more attractive for example in black […]

Kimono From T-shirt

As you can see we searching for you tutorials about how to make different useful clothing from simple tee shirt. Today we have searched another great tutorial for you. With this tutorial you will learn how to remake t-shirt in useful and pretty kimono. You just need simple t-shirt, that’s may be old t-shirt which […]