Crocheted Petal Flower – Video

Let’s rest from crocheting warm clothing and accessories and think about decoration for our clothing or home interior and many other things. Today at we have searched for you very beautiful petal flower and also video tutorial in which everything is clearly explained by flower’s author. Choose colors and crochet many flower to make […]

Sew Slippers From old Sweater

Many of us has old sweater at home and don’t use it. If you has one and don’t know what to do with it we have creative idea and also tutorial how to make comfortable and warm sippers for home. Slippers from old sweater are also very beautiful and at home they are perfect. You […]

How To Sew Frenzy Blouse With Bow

Another beautiful Blouse and it’s tutorial where you can learn and see scheme how to sew your next blouse step by step. Frenzy Blouse With Bow as you can see is very attractive and every woman will like it, so that’s why you can also make great gift to your friends and family members. In […]

Wings Cutout T-shirt Tutorial

Another great tutorial we have for you today where you can learn how to refashion your old or new t-shirt and make your life more beautiful, your look more attractive and of course save some money. With this tutorial cutting your t-shirt will be easy, because there is explained everything step by step in video. […]