Knit Memory Blanket

What is the better than comfortable and cozy blanket in which we can sleep and rest after work and tough day and in which we can see our children that are slipping comfortable. If your hobby is knitting and you have some free time you can knit beautiful blanket that you also will make your […]

Crochet Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers as know are from the Ojibwe people and later adopted from other people. Storytellers speak of the Spider Woman, that was known as Asibikaashi and she took care of the children and people on the earth, so Dreamcatcher was the symbol of spider woman. That’s what we can tell about it’s meaning now we […]

Knit Autumn Leaves

Everyone loves autumn, because there are many good weather to go for a walk and many fruit and vegetables and of course for it’s colors. These are many beautiful colors if you are living or sometimes going to park or wood, many leaves in different colors and all of them are making beauty together. Today […]

Sew Snappy Coin Purse

Today at we have beautiful, creative and easy to sew coin purse where you can keep also keys, that will be car’s or home keys. As you can see on these pictures are used for purses different materials and designs, so you can too. Choose any design and material and waste your free time […]

Crochet Set Of Rainbow Baskets

We know that you love to make some beautiful items on free time and your hobby is crocheting, knitting or sewing, so You have collection of craft accessories and your accessories need space. Today you have chance to learn how to crochet beautiful and useful set of rainbow baskets where you can save your accessories […]

Crochet Colorful Flora

One more beautiful flower on out website is for you and we also have searched for the pattern where author has explained everything great and clearly, so you can sit and crochet all time long and enjoy with your hobby on your own free time. These colorful flower will look attractive in your room or […]