Knit Cardigan

We have found Maria Magnusson’s pattern for lovely and beautiful cardigan where everything is explained step bu step bu author. You can also see other item’s patterns by Maria Magnusson on store. Let’s speak about our cardigan we have searched for you today. Surry Hills cardigan will look lovely on robe or on pants […]

Simple Crochet Shrug

Today at we have searched and want to share with you how to crochet simple shrug. In the pattern we have found you will learn everything clearly what you need to know to crochet shrug that you can see on these pictures, because author has explained everything step by step. This pattern is published […]

Day Off Scarf

We have another pretty and creative scarf designs found for you which is made by Angora BunnyWorks. We have also have pattern where is written everything clearly by author for you. You just need to choose color if you don’t like the color that you can see on these pictures and start knitting. These attractive […]

Knit Keyhole Shawl

Most comfortable shawl is shawl with keyhole, because we don’t need to wrap it all time. We have pattern for shawl with keyhole and want to share with you how to knit. In the pattern we have found is everything explained by author clearly and step by step, so if you have some free times […]

Mystery Beret

Today we have great pattern for that who loves and have collection of hats which we have found on great website . The beret we have found for you as author has written is mystery beret and it’s name is “Meret”. On pictures there are berets in different colors and we think that all […]

Crochet Garden Hat

We all love hats and have a big collection. In our collections are hats with different designs and we know that they all are pretty and attractive. We found pattern on great website in which you will learn how to crochet beautiful and colorful hats that you can see on these pictures. Author Alla koval […]

Knit Blumenbeet

Hello them who loves knitting and also loves pretty and adorable footwear. Today at we decide to show you how to knit lovely “Blumenbeet”. As you can see on these pictures these socks are in many different colors, so that means that you can feel free to knit in any colors and your work […]

Panther Slippers

What can be more comfortable footwear at home than slippers. There are many creative and lovely designs for slippers in the internet and you can search them too, but we think that today at we have found for you one of the cutest and prettiest design for slippers and pattern where you can learn […]