Knit Hat “Margit In The Wind”

Knit Hat Margit In The Wind

Knit Hat ” Margit In The Wind”

That’s how beautiful name has the hat we have for you today with free pattern. We think it will be your favorite accessory in winter. If you are not living in Australia and in other places where now is warm days and summer, You might need warm clothing, shoes, scarves and etc. We searched for you as we think beautiful hat with pleasant design. In this colors it look really perfect, but you can feel free to knit hat in other colors like Black and White or Red and Green or etc. It will look pretty too. Why not to save money and knit hat for while family if you can.

Free Pattern

Free Pattern we have by Mai Meriste and thanks to author. It’s real tough and great job to create clearly explained pattern and attractive design. Good luck to you Ladies and Gents.

Link for hat’s pattern
Please enjoy

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