Knit Easy Striped Slippers

We think you like to knit easy and very beautiful slippers so we have another one for you. We have also clearly and step by step explained the video tutorial for you. If you have some free time and necessary supplies you can choose your favorite colors and start knitting now. We hope you will […]

Easy Knitting Shoes For Beginners

If you want to knit something very easy and very beautiful you can start knitting now and make awesome gifts for your or for friend’s children. Just look at these cute and tiny shoes. Imagine how beautiful it will look at your baby’s feet. If your baby is a boy you can choose other colors […]

Easiest Slippers

Knitting beautiful slippers are very enjoyable and we can learn you how to knit Slippers very easily. For these slippers, you must crochet a rectangle with stripes in the center and make little pom. These slippers on the pictures look awesome in these colors, but you can crochet them in any colors you want. They […]

Knit Easy Slippers

The new thing which one is comfortable and beautiful is always a great gift, so we want you to make another gift for yourselves. Look at these very easy and lovely slippers. Always important feel comfortable at home, but also very important to look good so if you have some free time and necessary supplies […]

Knit Baby Hug Boots

If you have a newborn at home or your friend has a new family member and you can knit we have awesome little booties for you with free pattern. Thanks to the author for the awesome ideas, design, and free clearly explained pattern. Just look at these cute boots and imagine how beautiful will be […]

Crochet Simple Wrinkle Bag

Here we have today for you a very beautiful, simple, and useful bag to crochet. Of course as usual we have a free tutorial for you where you can learn everything step by step and clearly. You can also fold this bag and put it in your pocket. Thanks to the author for such a […]

Knit Very Easy Stripe SLippers

Here we have for you very beautiful slippers to knit. It’s really easy and will be also perfect for beginners. Of course, not only for beginners these slippers will be perfect for all at home. Just imagine how comfortable will be to walk at home with these slippers after a tough workday. We hope you […]

Knit Cable Slippers

Today we have very beautiful slippers for you to knit and feel at home more comfortable and cozy. Just look at these awesome cable slippers. Thanks to the author for the free pattern where everything is explained clearly and step by step. If you like the design of these slippers and you have some free […]